• AVR / Estabilizador Inteligente Digital (PR)

AVR / Estabilizador Inteligente Digital (PR)

Specially for 3 phase CNC industrial equipment
New Generation Digital Logic Combined Functional Setting. Complete Capacity and Specifications, CE Certified. The Series is designed of built-in multiple functions digital meters, in conjunction of indicators. The equipment is easy in operation. Joining with a number of patents and anti-mistake engineering design. The producing procedure meet international standard, with high quality and long MTBF, the serial equipment are good for all kinds load and sites.
Modelo : PR three phase series

Digital Display

Easy and Precise Setting

SOVP Device


Digitally display the functions of voltage and frequency of all phases

Press button setting of voltage and frequency of all phases.  Functions are complete and operations are easy

Whether it is switched on or recover from power outage, the Start Over Voltage Protection will always re-start from low voltage, won’t have high voltage output

Multi-Function State Display

Noise Preventing Device

Separated Regulation

All states of various power are displayed in indicator allowing for determine the condition of the AVR clearly

The AVR is installed in extra arc suppressor and noise interference prevention devices

Three phase separate regulators design for attaining precise output

I/P & O/P Wires Protection

Bypass Device

H Class Protection

Wiring fixed, input/output wires well sealed, stable & safety

It allows for bypassing at of protection and maintenance. And when bypassed, the protection functions is still working 

With Class H insulation materials transformer


text3.gifMicroprocessor Control Unit (MCU) controlled regulation
text3.gifMulti-Phase, Multi-Function and Real-time measuring system Single-Chip (EMP)
text3.gifBuilt-in patented bypass device for equipment protection
text3.gifBig range high / low voltage protection device
text3.gifPhase loss, instant black-out and short circuit protection device
text3.gifSolid-state zero point transform drive circuit
text3.gifStart Over Voltage Protection (SOVP)
text3.gifIndependent regulation and protection design
text3.gifBuilt-in digital voltmeter on internal panel for monitoring voltage, frequency and other electricity information
text3.gifSignals of the AVR is totally in True RMS treatment
text3.gifInternally and externally built multi-function state indicators
text3.gifNew type 4-digit safety password setting functions
text3.gifElectronic double circuitry switch design
text3.gifFull series with the same control system and multi anti-mistake circuit design
text3.gifSeparate voltage regulation design, 3 phases imbalance 100%
text3.gifTaiwan patent no. 160215 and 162577
text3.gifChina patent no. 125595 & 390066
text3.gifDouble overload and short circuit protection

text3.gifBig Range High / Low Voltage Protection:
   Whether precise equipment or heavy load equipment or power supply with wide range variation area, 
   the Digital Intelligent AVR has a very special feature design of Various/Multi/Big range Select to pre-set 
   the most appropriate and precise adjustment in accordance with the load equipment.

text3.gifMulti-Function Display Setting and Self- Detection:
   This Digital Intelligent AVR allows site review, setting, adjustment and testing of each phase voltage, 
   frequency...etc. This unit is a voltage regulator and also 3 phase power testing instrument. 
   The AVR is also equipped with  self-detection functions and in conjunction of indicator, 
   the present situation can be reported at any time.

text3.gifLargest Angle Adjusting Capability:
   Since the adjustable angle is larger than 690 degrees, plus microprocessor with digital setting control, 
   it can easily reach best precision for output  voltage and without occurred with oscillation issues.

text3.gifMain Control Board Are Processed in SMD and SMT:
   The main control elements are processed with SMD and SMT for increasing stability and reliability.  
   And effectively promote the overall efficiency as well as reduce using space.

text3.gifAll Signals of The Entire AVR Is Treated in True RMS:
   The only AVR in True RMS operation and measuring both domestically and overseas, which really 
   solve the problem of voltage regulation due to waveform distortion.

text3.gifSolid-State Zero Point Transform Drive Circuit (STD):
   The AVR Control Drive Circuit adopts Solid-State Element and Zero Point Transform techniques, free of noise,  
   free of interference and it makes the AVR output power supply cleaner.

text3.gifAll Module Design:
   All the technical design inside the Digital Intelligent AVR is of Module Designed and separately assembled, 
   components used on PCB are very stringently quality controlled and tested by computerized ICT satisfactory 
   quality reliability.

text3.gifWidest Range Voltage Regulation Capability:
   In order to attain the widest range voltage regulation, the built-in whole range DC Power Supply, 
   allows for single phase and three phase power input at the same time. 

text3.gifAdopt Latest EMP and MCU:
   In order to promote computing speed and measuring function, multi-phase, multi-function real time measuring  
   system single chip EMP is adopted, matched with Microprocessor Control Unit provide the AVR further jumped 
   to computerization.

text3.gifAll-New Intelligent Voltage Regulation Control Circuit:
   The best optimal parameters can be set according to actual condition in use, such as change of input  
   voltage and output load.

 text3.gifDouble Overload and Short Circuit Protection:
   Three Phase overload and Short Circuit protection by internal fuse and input circuit breaker,  
   they can prevent the components damaged due to extra overload.

text3.gifPhase Loss and Instant Black-Out Protection:
   When input power is with phase loss or instant black-out, the AVR will trip off and display when it is detected. 
   After power recover, please re-start up the switch, then the AVR will supply the pure and clean power.

PCB Drilling Machine

Integrated Processing Machine



Milling Machine

AI Component Inserting Machine

Grinding Machine


Production Process Equipment



Medical Monitoring Equipment

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