• AVR / estabilizador super-inteligentes (PS)

AVR / estabilizador super-inteligentes (PS)

Specially for 3 phase CNC industrial equipment
Intelligent logic assemble function programming, it is suitable for all kinds of load and premises. The product lines have complete series and are all CE certified. Also, its with compact size, high efficiency, and easy to operation. Electrical and servo module mass producing, with several patents and anti-mistake circuit design, the producing procedure meet international standard, with high reliability quality and long MTBF.
Modelo : PS three phase series


              Logic Assemble Function

SOVP Device

Self-Detecting Function

Adopt with multilayer and big range
DIP SW logic assemble design,
include high/low voltage, delay,
quick regulating and O/P accuracy 
setting. All setting can operate and
select easier,user can pre-set the most appropriate adjustment in accordance with the load requirement

       Whether it is switched on or 
        recover from  power outage,
        he Start Over Voltage Protection
        will always re-start from  low
        voltage, won’t
        (have high voltage output)     

       Each time during the unit turn
       on the AVR, fast detect utility
       and itself whether under
       protect setting quickly, then
       supply precisevoltage to the

With Surge Protection
Separated Regulation
I/P & O/P Wires Protection

With lightning and surge protect function (only few models have)

Three phase separate regulators design

Wiring fixed, I/P, O/P wires well sealed, stable & safety

               Bypass & Indication               H Class Protection

With three phase voltage indicator and bypass device

With Class H insulation materials transformer


text3.gifIntelligently logic regulation

text3.gifSelf-detecting function

text3.gifPowerful overload 150% ability

text3.gifWith bypass device and protect function

text3.gifBig range high/low voltage protect device

text3.gifPhase failure, instant black-out, short circuit protection

text3.gifStart over voltage protection

text3.gifIndependent regulation and protection design

text3.gifFull series with the same control system and multi anti-mistake circuit design

text3.gifFront panel with LED indicator displayed AVR regulating status

text3.gifWith O/P voltmeter to monitor O/P voltage

text3.gifWith dip sw. and easy for setting

text3.gifElectronics double circuitry switch design

text3.gifSeparated voltage regulation design, 3 phase unbalance 100%

text3.gifTaiwan patent no. 160215, 162577

text3.gifChina patent no. 125595, 390066

text3.gifDouble overload and short circuit protection

text3.gifIntelligently Logic Regulation : 
    The powerful PS series can completely adjust the regulating speed and regulation
    range in accordance with power’s variation and the load character on the spot by the logic 
    pulse circuit control  to  gain  the  most  satisfactory  power regulation

text3.gifSeparate Regulators Design : 
    Whenever AC power encounters three phase unbalanced, non-linear power or heavy
    load, the Separate Regulators will still maintain its accurate output

text3.gifInnovative Panel Design : 
    To renovate the traditional meter reading, this Super-Smart AVR provides user a
    very clear reading only by checking the indicators’ colors to realize it is normal or abnormal.  
    The green indicator stands for  normal, red indicator shows abnormal

text3.gifAll Module Design : 
    All the technical design inside the Super-Smart AVR is of ModuleDesignedand separately
    assembled, components used on PCB are very stringently quality controlled and tested by 
    computerized ICT  satisfactory quality reliability

text3.gifSelf-Detecting Function Design : 
    The Self-Detect result is displayed by light indicators providing an immediate,
    exact malfunction information to users making maintenavce more easy and efficient

text3.gifPowerful Overload Capability : 
    The Super-Smart AVR is specially designed to withstand 150% of its nominal load
    and no voltage decrease will happen

text3.gifStart Over Voltage Protection : 
    Whether it is switch on or recovers from power outage, the Start Over Voltage 
    Protection will always start from low voltage to protect the load side equipment

text3.gifHumanized Anti-Mistake Circuit Design : 
    To prevent from inappropriate operation or touch by which causing AC
    output switch ON or AC output switch OFF, Super-Smart AVR has a very  
    delicate Electronic  Double-Circuit Control design, one must simultaneously push two  
    ONs or two OFFs to start or shut down the Super-Smart AVR

text3.gifBig Range High / Low Voltage Protection :
   Whatever the load side it may be like, for instance, heavy load
    equipment or precise equipment, even there is a very massive power variation, the Super-Smart 
    AVR has a very special feature design of Various/Multi/Big range Select to pre-set the most appropriate 
    and precise adjustment in  accordance with the load requirement

text3.gifPhase Failure Protection : 
    If there is any failure within three phase power, the Super-Smart AVR will immediately
    complete the detect and have it displayed and trip off to protect the load side equipment

text3.gifInstant Trip Device :
    This Instant Trip Design will always trip before AC recovers from an instant black-out, it
    features a re-set function making sure a stable power is in operation again while AC power gets 
     back to normal.  The purpose of this is to protect the load equipment from damaging by a frequently 
     happened abnormal high voltage

text3.gifBypass Device : 
    The AVR can still provide High/Low Voltage Protection, Phase Failure Protection...and all the
    other featured Protection when it is in status of Bypass under maintenance or repairing


PCB Drilling Machine

Integrated Processing Machine


Milling Machine

AI Component Inserting Machine

Grinding Machine


Production Process Equipment


Medical Monitoring Equipment

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