• AVR Tipo CVT / Estabilizador (ELA)

AVR Tipo CVT / Estabilizador (ELA)

Specially for high precision instrument
CVT Type Automatic Voltage Regulator is in small size, maintenance –free and service – free. It is highly adaptable to demand environment. Solid and durable resonance AVR has the following 10 advantages and will be the top choice for you in selecting AVR.
Modelo : ELA series

Insulated Output from Input

High Insulation Main Body CVT

Switching Freely between
110V and 220V

Best noise filtering ability allowing excellent resistance to thunder strike, noise, electrostatic and high voltage pulse

Use laminated insulated material and repeated impregnated main body and has durability of more than 20 years

Input and output voltage can be changed per needs

Elegant Appearance Solid and Durable

Top Level AC Capacitor

Made up only with CVT and capacitor, without electronic element and is with ultra high MTBF

Use top brand AC capacitor and can be interchanged magnetic energy of CVT and electric energy


text3.gifDetermined CVT Type AVR

   Output wave is sine wave and is not affected by input waveform

text3.gifFortified CVT Type AVR

   No electronic controlled circuit, only made up with 2 independent element. Excellent voltage

   regulation function and probability of mis-action is zero

text3.gifMost durable CVT Type AVR

   Simple structure, excellent durability, extremely long MTBF-40 years overseas, inTaiwan, has

   been in service since 1973 (20 years warranty for the main body) 

text3.gifDelicate designed CVT Type AVR

   Output end short circuit or overload, current will be limited automatically and is ready for use when

   short circuit or overload is excluded (short circuit for 24 hours will not cause any damage) 

text3.gifTotal insulation between input and output

   Best noise filtering function (higher than 60 db).  Best resistance to thunder strike, noise, electrostatic

   and high voltage pulse

text3.gifPerfect Protection

   Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) characterized, power off 1-2 cycle (3/4 load) has not effect on output

text3.gifWide Range Input Voltage

   Under drastic rise or drop of input voltage (±45%)

   output voltage will be steady at ±2.5%

text3.gifExcellent Response Time

   Response Time is extremely rapid and is within 1.5 cycle 

text3.gifViable Application

   Input voltage 110V or 220V

   Output voltage can have 110V/ 220V at the same time (2KVA and above)

text3.gifAVR main body generates no noise

   The main body is ultra-insulated transformer that prevents peak wave, sink wave and high/low

   frequency and has best interference fending ability (more than 60db)

Electronic Test Instrument
R&D Instrument
Optoelectronic Industry

Multimedia Equipment
Industrial Computer
Audio Equipment

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