Estabilizador de tensão automático específico


AVR Super Esperto (ao ar livre) / Estabilizador (PSO)

Specially for 3 phase outdoor equipment
Intelligent logic assemble function programming, it is suitable for all kinds of load and premises. The product lines have complete series and are all CE certified. Also, its with compact size, high efficiency, and easy to operation. Electrical and servo module mass producing, with several patents and anti-mistake circuit design, the producing procedure meet international standard, with high reliability quality and long MTBF.

AVR Indução Eletrônica Estabilizador(PLR)

Specially for whole plant power equipment
Induction No-Contact Oil-Immersed Electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator has durable solid mechanism and is suitable for large current load and whole plant voltage regulating environment. Conventional conductive mechanism with new cubicle design increased energy conservation and heat radiating efficiency by more than 20%. After 20-30 years service, recyclable material is higher than 90%